Fivestrr Music: Free Online Music Streaming Platform

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Fivestrr Music is an online streaming platform to discover great music, podcast, online radio stations & upcoming artists and chances are you might already be using it. It’s essentially one of the best music streaming sites. Fivestrr is the best place if you want to discover new gospel music and budding musicians. If you are a musician yourself, you can share your own work for the people to stream and follow. The coolest feature of Fivestrr Music is the ability to see songs in the form of waveforms and users have the ability to comment on a certain time of song. Fivestrr Music is available for free for listeners and they can listen to music & connect with people without any limitations. There are no limitations on uploads, if you are a budding musician looking to share more of your music, you will not need any paid subscription plans. Fivestrr Music is available on the web and as an app.


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